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Why I work with Moms
(Continued from Yoga Mama YTT)

After facilitating multiple successful 200 hour YTT programs, and closing my yoga studio of 8 years to become a "floating" yoga school, I found myself feeling stuck. I wasn't sure in what direction I was meant to go and when I tried to do something the same way I did in the past, I would fail to manifest it. So I allowed myself time to process and do some healing work, while allowing divine guidance to show me the way. 


One of thins I found was that the thought of a rigid schedule or working in only one location was unsettling! I also discovered that I enjoy being in nature more than inside a studio, and I also value intimate gatherings with women, with the intention of growing together. I also realized that flexibility is a necessity for me.


Then it hit me like a ton of beautiful bricks... I am meant to work with other MOMS with similar life challenges, a love of nature and new experiences, and who require flexibility... like ME! And so was born the "200 hour Holistic Mama Teacher Training Course". 

My Yoga Journey

Prajna Ananda, E-RYT 500

"The true essence of yoga and its infinite wisdom lies in the heart of every human being." This was what I felt in my heart when I started practicing yoga in 2008. After many years of living her yoga, she was given her spiritual name, Ma Prajna Ananda, Goddess of Blissful True Wisdom.

I am a mother, natural teacher, energy healer and student of life, and my passion is helping students to authentically find a deeper awareness Self. I am dedicated to a life of service and community, raising awareness whenever possible.


I know that teaching is my Dharma because whenever there is a student in front of me, I light up and lose all sense of time and space. 


I traveled all the way to India, twice, to complete my 200 and 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, so I feel deeply rooted in classical yoga practices. My daily practice of yogic principles and conscious living helps to keep me anchored in my roots, but I get ungrounded easily, so it is even more important for me to stay connected to my teachings, my Guru, and the practices to keep me in balance.  .


As much as I can, I enjoy traveling and immersing in yoga trainings, hosting retreats, and teaching yoga all over the world. I recently completed 100 hours in Bhakti Yoga in Baja, Mexico before traveling across the county with my two daughters to teach at WorldFest in Grass Valley, CA. You can also find me in Costa Rica hosting yoga retreats and teaching annually at Mahabhuta Yoga VegFest in Pensacola, FL. 


Teaching beginners, children and spiritual seekers excite me! In my classes you can expect classical yoga styles as well as spontaneous flow with a main focus on the breath, energetic exploration, and sacred mantra.  


As the owner and operator of Sunshine Yoga School, I have facilitated multiple certification courses including 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki Certifications, as well as continuing education workshops. Over the past decade I have completed over 700 hours in yoga certifications, over 5,000 hours of teaching experience and countless hours of daily yoga practice.


I am dedicated to my children, my divine path as a teacher, and to sharing my passion for holistic healing practices. I see every moment as an opportunity to learn and evolve while offering a safe space for those who seek the same.  

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