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200 hour Holistic Mama
Yoga Teacher Training

Does any of this resonate with you?

Are you a nurturing, highly sensitive, and / or empathic Mom, Step-Mom or Child Care Provider? 

Do you take care of everyone in your home and put other's needs before your own? 

Do you find it hard to commit to long periods of time away from child(ren) and / or family due to unique circumstances?

Are you interested in learning tools and skills to help you and your family heal and grow together, and bring more awareness to each thought, word, and action? 

Do you like to be outdoors and experience new environments and scenery? 

Would you enjoy taking (one full) weekend to yourself for a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat?

Keep reading if you have answered YES to any of the above.

Why am I choosing to work with Moms? 

As a busy, single, homeschool mom I found that I have unique challenges that other people (and even other moms) don't necessarily have. I am highly sensitive (HSP) and I have two HSP children. After many years of self-study and research, I've found that in order to thrive, I must design my life around the unique needs of myself and my children, by utilizing tools and skills I have developed over time. (Continue Reading)

Learn more about my yoga journey and experience here.

About the Training

The 200 hour Holistic Mama YTT course is designed for nurturing women who want to bring the holistic practices of Yoga and Ayurveda into daily life, for optimal wellness for the whole family. This course is particularly geared toward moms who have certain responsibilities that don't allow much time away, and if you love being outdoors and experiencing new places, that's a bonus!

The primary focus of this course is to allow organic integration of the practices to seep into daily life. My hope is that moms will take what they are learning and apply it to their family life; teaching by example, and raising consciousness one breath at a time.


In this course students will cultivate a home practice and start exploring their complex inner world, including subconscious behavioral patterns, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage. They will learn to use the principles of yoga to help bring harmony to all areas of life. 


Students will meet at various locations one Saturday per month, along with weekly Zoom meetings, one monthly (family friendly) pot luck gathering, self-paced study, and one weekend retreat included in tuition! You will even get the bonus of teachings from my personal Guru, Vinod, live from Kerala, India. 


General Info: 

When:  May 13 - December 2, 2023 (8 months)

​Where:  Various locations from Pensacola to Santa Rosa Beach

​What:  200 hours of Hatha Yoga Training that will qualify you to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hr level (RYT 200)

Areas of Study:

  • Various styles of Yoga including but not limited to Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini, Prenatal, Kids & Family Yoga

  • You will experience Bhakti (the yoga of devotion), Karma (the yoga of action), and Jnana (the yoga of wisdom)

  • Meditation, Mantra, and Pranayama as a complete practice

  • Yoga Philosophy including the 8 Limbed Path and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology including Subtle Anatomy / Energy Systems

  • The 7 Chakra System of Yoga

  • Energy Healing: techniques and practices for energy management 

  • Ayurveda as a life practice 


May 13th

June 3rd

July 8th

Aug 5th

Sept 2nd

Sept 29-Oct 1 (Yoga Retreat)

Nov 4th

Dec 2nd 

F.A.Q. :


Q:  Do you HAVE to be a Mom?


A:  I do feel most connected and called to work with females & mothers, but you can be a step mom, kids all grown-up, a mom-at-heart who wants to start a family, or child care taker. If you feel called to this course but not sure you "meet the criteria", let's chat.


Q:  What's included in tuition?


A:  200 hours of classical & modern Yoga Training with diverse & experienced Yoga Teachers PLUS:


*A Weekend Yoga Retreat for Moms at Coldwater Gardens *Specialty Workshops and Events with guest teachers

*Online classes & workshops with my personal teachers in India and other guest teachers

*Personalized instruction & support with me

*Ayurveda classes with an Ayurvedic Specialist

*Holistic class with a Naturopathic Specialist


Q:  What are the specific locations?


A:  The locations will vary and are not set in stone, due to the nature of "mom life", and will depend on and be customized to the students. Some places I am planning on utilizing include: public beach pavilions, teachers and/or students homes, select yoga studios or event spaces.


Q:  What are the exact dates?


A:  The training starts on May 13th, 2023 (day before Mother's Day) and ends on Dec 2nd, 2023. The dates between are subject to change based on student's schedules. The tentative in-person training dates are:

Does this sound good to you?  Let's connect.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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